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Why is Slim Kit Pro better?
Slim Kit Pro offers the same function and easy installation as the best tools on the market. Slim Tool and Magic Switch are great products, but suffer from rough design, and much to cheap manufacturing. Slim Kit Pro is very similar to Slim Tool and Magic Switch in size and shape, but is much improved.

The bits are designed using cutting edge technology to insure excact measurements. It will click just into place, and stay there without any hassle. Ever experienced the Slim Tool or Magic Switch just slip right out of it's place? We sure have, thats why we invented the Slim Kit Pro. Bits and pieces falling out of place and dissapering is history with the Slim Kit Pro. Suregrip design makes the pieces stay in place.

Can i still close my lid after installation?
YES ofcause! After installation you won't even notice that the bits are installed, you can open and close the lid like you've always been used to. And unlike the Slim Tool you do not have to worry about the Slim Kit Pro falling out of it's places and dissapering.

What does it do?
Slim Kit Pro consist of three small items. These small items has to be installed in three different places, and it's simple plug 'n' play. After installation you are ready to use the popular bootdics (sold seperately), and will be able to play any game, from any source and any region.

How about warranty?
Any tool (Slim Tool, Magic Switch and Slim Kit Pro) installed in the console will always void warranty. The tools might not hurt og make modifications to the videogame console, and can be removed without a trace. But a video console is supposed to be used as descriped in the instruction guide that comes with the console. Installing a kit like Slim Tool and Slim Kit Pro was never intended, therefore it might void warranty. But the Slim Kit Pro is perfectly safe to use, and will in no way harm the console. Easy installed, easy removed!


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