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Slim Kit Pro is available direct from this website, just go to our shop and you will find product information and prices. Wholesale prices os also available in the shop, and shipping prices is calculated automaticly when ordering.

We accept all major payment methods:
-Visa Electron
-SWIFT Transfer
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Slim Kit Pro
Price for 20 Units - 3,00 Euro / 3.79 USD
Price for 50 Units - 1,00 Euro / 1.26 USD
Price for 100 Units - 0,90 Euro / 1.14 USD
Price for 500 Units - 0,85 Euro / 1.07 USD
Price for 1000 Units - 0,75 Euro / 0.95 USD

for old model
Price for 20-> Units - 0,50 Euro / 0,64 USD

We can handle any volume, and ship the product to every part of the world. We are located in the Nordic Region of Europe, parcels ships out daily and deliverytime is from 2-10 days depending on your destination.

We offer wholesale and distributor pricing to qualified retailers. We are well equipped to handle any volume and we ship products worldwide.

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