Slim Kit vs. Slim Tool (F.A.Q)





The Slim Kit Pro homepage

Slim Kit Pro is a set of tools that let you play software that you are not normally able to play. It is the most easy and affordable way for everyone to enjoy and play their legally backed up games, import games and unofficial and unsupported software.

You might already have heard of similar tools for the videogame console like Slim Tool, Ghost Switch and Magic Switch. They are all great tools, but rest assured that Slim Kit Pro is the best tool, and properly the final tool made in that category.

Slim Kit Pro differs from, say the Slim Tool in many small ways, making it a even greater product.
  • Unique and improved design
  • Utializing suregrib elastin material makes the "kit" stay in place.
  • No glue, no tape is needed - they plug in perfectly, AND STAYS THERE
The Slim Kit Pro is produced in hi-quality "suregrip ELASTIN" material, and has ekstra features added. This kit fits 100% in the console and stays there due to it's "grip" functions! Having trouble getting the Slim Tool to stay in place? This is history with the Slim Kit Pro.

What does it do?
Slim Kit Pro consist of three small items. These small items has to be installed in three different places, and it's simple plug 'n' play. After installation you are ready to use the popular bootdics (sold seperately), and will be able to play any game, from any source and any region.


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