Slim Kit vs. Slim Tool (F.A.Q)




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The Slim Kit Pro homepage

-The easy and affordable way for everyone to enjoy their backup, imports or other games on the most popular videogame console on the market.

We are proud to present the best tool on the market. The Slim Kit Pro is a tool kit with similar features as the Slim Tool, Flip-Top Cover and Magic Switch. But Slim Kit Pro differs from Slim Tool in many ways, making it a even greater product.

  • Unique and improved design
  • Simple push and click installation
  • Utializing suregrib elastin material makes the "kit" stay in place.
  • No glue, no tape is needed - they plug in perfectly, AND STAYS THERE
  • Support for PAL, NTSC and NTSC Jap videogame consoles
  • Support for all known bootdiscs
  • The Slim Kit Pro can be removed or installed at users will.
  • The lid can stille be opened and closed after installation

The Slim Kit fake id Pro is produced in hi-quality "suregrip ELASTIN" material that makes it the best of it's kind. This kit fits 100% in the console and stays there due to it's "grip" functions!

Slim Kit Pro i manufactured in China to insure high quality and low productions costs. Therefore Slim Kit Pro is not only the best tool in the market, but also the one where you will get most value for money.

On this site you can buy the Slim Kit Pro direct, but you can also locate other retailers selling the product.


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